Zulekha Nursing College have evolved to contribute the society by providing quality education to the nursing students and to inculcate all around development of students. Nursing has a significant role in the society that helps to improve the positive health of the individual & society. Nurses has a unique and extremely valuable perspective on the challenges in our health care industry. Nurses are increasingly recognize the need to extend the base of nursing knowledge with research activities to provide quality nursing service to the society. Zulekha Nursing College will assure and provides knowledge that improve the quality of nursing practice and health care in the nation and the world.

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The students of professional colleges are expected to inculcate discipline within themselves. The uniform reflects the dignity of the profession.

The college will provide uniform on payment for the same. Students are expected to wear clean and neat uniform whenever they enter the wards/clinical field.

Students are expected to be punctual for class and clinical practical training. The students will be disciplined in the event of repeated late attendance. Assignments and work sheets must be submitted punctually to the class teachers.

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Awards Ceremonies

1. 2010 Graduation Day 13       Students were awarded .

2. 2011 Graduation Day 4   Students were awarded                    

Philosophy of the Institution

We believe that:

1. The progress of the society is directly related to the health status of the people and it is the responsibility of every citizen to participate in its progress directly or indirectly.
2. Nursing profession plays a key role in the health maintenance process system, and a sufficient quantity of qualified nurses must be available in the society to meet the health needs of every citizen.
3. The institution believes in empowering the youth from both urban and rural community to face the challenges of life with professional education.
4. Ethics and moral values like self-discipline, commitment, character and integrity are as important as academic brilliance.

The B.Sc. Nursing course is designed to prepare graduate nurses to be an active member of the health care team. In successful completion of their graduation in nursing, the graduate will be able to

Practice nursing by applying scientific principles by identifying the health needs of each individual either in the hospitals or in the community.
Participate in all the health care programmes at the state and national level and work in collaboration with the members of health team, in achieving optimum health level of the society.
Take leadership in identifying nursing problems of their clients and try to solve it by applying nursing process
Acquire nursing knowledge and skills to compact the changing health needs of the society.
Acquire nursing knowledge and skills to compact the changing health needs of the society.
Undertake/Assist in research in the clinical settings
Yenepoya Specialty Hospital
Yenepoya Medical College Hospital, Deralakatte
Yenepoya Nursing Home, Kankanadi , Mangalore